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Worried about Rate Plan Early Termination Fee derived from uncertain length of stay, sudden return to home? With KT’s newly released “Soon Aek Rate Plan” you don’t have to worry about the potential ETF bomb! Our “Soon Aek Rate Plan” eliminated the Rate plan contract, Rate plan ETF while reducing the base rate!


Anyone previously under KT’s 3G/LTE plans are also eligible for our new plan! (※ Please note that pre-existing penalty fare may be charged when contract is terminated during grace period)


※ Change to Soon Aek plan : Nearby olleh retail store, Foreign Customer Service Center(1583)
※ 话费套餐变更:访问就近olleh卖场、外国人顾客中心(1583)

What is 'Soon-Aek' Rate Plan? (什么是纯额话费套餐?)

Soon Aek plan is KT’s exclusive rate plan with amazing benefits. Our rate plan has No rate plan contract, No rate plan Early Termination Fee with reduced base rate (rate equivalent to previously discounted rate with 2 year contract). 



3 Reasons Why olleh “Soon Aek Rate Plan” is best for Expats (对于外国人,olleh纯额话费套餐的三个优势)

1. Continuous rate plan discount without Rate Plan Contract! (无需担心话费条款,在使用期内持续享受打折优惠!)

Only KT “Soon-Aek Rate plan” gives continuous rate plan discount without Rate Plan Contract. No limitations apply! Really! While our competing carriers limit the discount only to the customers under years of contract and their discount offer only lasts up to maximum of 30 months.  


2. No Rate Plan Early Termination Fee! (全面废除话费打折违约金!)

KT “Soon Aek” is the only plan that completely eliminated the Rate Plan Early Termination Fee. No matter when you decide to terminate the contract, there’s no need to worry about the potential ETF bomb! Sound appealing? Choose olleh’s “Soon Aek” plan! 


3. Reduced Base Rate (三家公司中最低的基础话费)

Greatly reduced Base Rate at any conditions! Enjoy the lowest Base Rate with enlarged benefits! Only available at KT


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