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[genie K-POP] Good news for K-POP concert visitors

Here’s some great news for K-POP lovers visiting Korea from Japan and Taiwan for K-POP concert this winter! genie K-POP is glad to give you a little souvenir as a welcoming gift. Welcome, and thank you for loving K-POP! 

[genie K-POP] How to win a gift?

When you arrive at the International Airport at INCHON, come to kt olleh roaming center. 

All you have to is to come and tell the assistant at the counter. “I read the genie K-POP free gift posting from olleh smartblog”. 

Don’t miss this special event! It’s starting from December 19th and will not last long!

[genie K-POP] Who are on genie K-POP?


Girl's Generation


Kim Hyun Joong


[genie K-POP] Why genie K-POP?

With KT’s collaboration with KMP Holdings (music distributor of 7 major Korean record labels including SM, YG, JYP, Media Line, Star Empire, Union CAN and Music Factory), genie offers not only a complete set of music from the top K-POP labels but offers various content for K-POP fans.

[genie K-POP worldwide]

  ▶▶ 'genie K-POP' App Download Click Here!! (For Android Users)◀  

※ 'genie K-POP' is an application for users outside of Korea, it is now available in 48 countries above. 


Want to know more about 'genie K-POP'    ▶▶ ◀◀  

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