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[genie K-POP] Good news for FTISLAND’s fans!

Here’s some great news for genie K-POP lovers all over the world!

kt is unveiling its special event for the dedicated global K-POP fans, our latest genie K-POP star promotion! The star of the first round is FTISLAND, and the winners get an exclusive video shout-out from FTISLAND! All you have to do is to hurry up and download “genie K-POP” from your Google play store and sign up for free!

[genie K-POP] How to participate the event?

  When : 11/18~11/25, 2013

  How to

(1) Download genie K-POP application from your google play store 

     → Sign up for free with your existing Twitter/Facebook account 

(2) Email with the following information

ㅇ your genie K-POP login ID (facebook/twitter ID)

  - refer to the information of signing up at the section below

ㅇ question that you would like to ask FTISLAND. The question can be directed toward the entire group, or just one member.

  - Notice of result : We will email you back if you win, so please put the correct email address when you send it to us!

  - Download genie K-POP:

  - Tip : You’ll get a higher chance of winning if you download “Madly(미치도록)”, FTISLAND’s new single from genie K-POP!

[genie K-POP] Sign-up for genie K-POP

Now you are qualified to join the event!

[genie K-POP] My account

[genie K-POP] How to use Free Full Track?

genie K-POP offers a special benefit to all members! You can listen to a full track for free up to three times per song!

[genie K-POP] Why genie K-POP?

With KT’s collaboration with KMP Holdings (music distributor of 7 major Korean record labels including SM, YG, JYP, Media Line, Star Empire, Union CAN and Music Factory), genie offers not only a complete set of music from the top K-POP labels but offers various content for K-POP fans.

Countries where “genie" global service is available 

(Android application: “genie K-POP”)

genie K-POP will soon be available in more countries including : Belgium, Canada, Hong Kong, Italy, South Africa, Thailand and Turkey.

>>'genie K-POP' App Download Click Here!! (For Android Users)<<

※ 'genie K-POP' is an application for users outside of Korea, it is now available in 48 countries above. 


Want to know more about 'genie K-POP' ☞

[genie K-POP] Who are on genie K-POP?


Girl's Generation


Kim Hyun Joong


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