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Here’s some great news for all you fans of K-POP all around the world! Just like you, I’ve always searched hard for the latest K-POP news. But what if you wanted to check out newly released music albums and K-POP news at the same time on your smartphone? Would you keep swapping between a web browser and music player, or would you just give up?


Now there’s no need to suffer from such a dilemma since genie K-POP and Soompi are sharing the same news contents on newly released songs, music videos, and making films on the genie K-POP app and Soompi website. What’s even better is that you can listen to your favorite K-POP songs and read Soompi’s news contents on genie K-POP app at the same time!

Soompi is the largest and oldest English community website that has been providing complete coverage of K-POP since 1998, starting with news on H.O.T. Nowadays millions of people from over 150 countries access Soompi every month to learn whats going on in the world of K-POP. For non-English speakers, news contents are provided in Spanish, Portuguese, French, and Thai.

Now you can enjoy genie’s specialized various contents, images, star news and many more through Star Focus on genie K-POP. You can have everything you want on a single app. Put genie K-POP on your favorite app list! You won’t regret it!

Now you can enjoy K-POP news at the ‘Star focus’ section from genie K-POP! 

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With KT’s collaboration with KMP Holdings (music distributor of 7 major Korean record labels including SM, YG, JYP, Media Line, Star Empire, Union CAN and Music Factory), genie offers not only a complete set of music from the top K-POP labels but offers various content for K-POP fans.

Countries where “genie" global service is available 

(Android application: “genie K-POP”)

genie K-POP will soon be available in more countries including : Belgium, Canada, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, South Africa, Thailand and Turkey.

>>'genie K-POP' App Download Click Here!! (For Android Users)<<

※ 'genie K-POP' is an application for users outside of Korea, it is now available in 48 countries above. 


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NEW genie TV CF 'confession' episode

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