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Combined exclamation VIVA in Spanish with a word PRIMAVERA meaning a youth or spring, this sentence can be specifically interpreted as a ‘glorious youth.’ The prime of a life, in other words, ‘youth’ and ‘spring’ are now with DICKPUNKS telling each of four members’ stories about love, life, dream, and future to others.

Hello, DICKPUNKS! It is such an honor to see you in a long time. How do you guys feel about this mini album?

Taehyun : First of all, this album reminds of a bright environment and fits well to spring. In addition, this album also brings out emotional memory.

Garam : This album represents our unique music color. I would say that anybody thinking of oneself as a youth should listen to our songs. In short, songs are just thrill!


How is a title of album as [VIVA PRIMAVERA]?

Taehyun : When we talked about lyrics for the first time, we ended up writing stories about youth and specific feeling we might have when we are in 20’s. We thought it is more of a common topic that people in a broad age range can share. 

Hyunwoo : It is not totally related to main track but represents music that we are capable of making at this time of career. So, we aimed to send such a message to the public.

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The Summer has came. Chilly and bluish air will be filled with fresh and hot smell. What kind of smell do you like? Me? I like soft mustache smell back in my home planet Mustopia.

* Perfume

You guys like perfume, right? Same perfume smells different by each person who uses it. If the smell is delicate and stays long, then it’s a high-quality perfume. When did the perfume started to be used? By looking at the very past, its first use was religious. When performing a ritual to god, ancient people cleaned themselves and burnt a branch that has good smell or applied expressed juice of cedar leaves. Such act was to keep their bodies clean and purify their minds. Then, it became a luxurious product for the nobles. Expensive perfume was used as currency. So, when was the perfume we use today first introduced? The answer is in around 1370, in Hungary. It was a distilled perfume for Hungarian queen Elizabeth. Also, it was the first alcoholic perfume in history. What is very interesting is that, thanks to such perfume, Queen Elizabeth received a marriage proposal from Polish King when she was over 70 years old. Well, back in those days there weren’t really that much of stimulating stuff, so I guess that strong scent from perfume might have confused king’s mind. 


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'Do you want some tea?'

Artist : HelloVenus

Genre : Pop / Dance

Release Date : May 2, 2013

Released by NeoWiz Internet

Goddess Idol' Hello Venus, Come Back with Pretty Twins Doll Character

Winning a rookie award from domestic and international awards ceremony including second Gaon Chart, K-Pop awards, and 2012 All K-Pop Awards with ‘Venus,’ the debut song released last year, and ‘What are you doing today?,’ the main track of the second mini album, Hello Venus came back with the 3rd mini album ‘Do you want some tea?’ representing matured girls over teenage characters. Especially, two members of Hello Venus perform with the same posture and environment along with same facial expression just like twins in this album. In addition, they make a special posture like a doll with mini one-piece in strong color in contrast with black and red and hair band in a shape of ribbon that attracts the attention.

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