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Super Junior is described as a contradictory group. In other words, Super Junior is a dance group consisting of sub-unit group that sings ballad and also another unit group that sings trot songs. Some of the members perform in the drama and entertainment program more than on the music stage. However, each one of the members makes synergic effect if they perform in one team of Super Junior. Attracting 9 hundred thousand audiences in all over the world for the concert, selling 5 hundred thousand albums for 2 years in a row, and winning golden disk awards in 4 different fields, Super Junior is now planning to make synergic effect on another journey through performance of ‘Super Show 5.’ Seen in this light, contradiction of Super Junior is now a new source of attraction. Here introduces attraction of Super Junior through timeline.  


※ Picture provided by: SM Entertainment, captured from SBS program <Strong Heart> 

October, 2005

Biggest 12 Member Idol Male Group Is Coming!

Super Junior deserves to be super. All the members are good in every field. Other than being a singer, they have acted in the drama and performed as a CF model. Comedy genre was not an exception. Super Junior05, the first album that they made debut, consisted of 10 tracks. The main track was ‘Twins (Knock Out)’ representing the splendid performance. ‘Believe’ was the track that one of the members, Heechul,’ had participated in making lyrics. 

June, 2006

Single Album ‘U’ with Kyuhyun Joined

Around the time when the volunteer work by Super Junior members for providing free lunch box came into attention of the public, Kyuhyun, a current member of Super Junior with special talent as a vocalist and also actor, had joined the team. Lim Yoon A (Yoon A from Girls Generation), a high school girl at that time, has acted in the music video ‘U.’ Great performance of ‘U’ led to ‘Dancing Out.’ Each member started building career in all different fields. Eunhyuk and Lee Teuk started their career as a radio DJ, while Kyuhyun, Ryeowook, and Yesung prepared ballad unit named Super Junior KRY. 

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Friend: not a family, but sometimes even closer than a family. You can confess your secret and ask for an open counseling to your friend. You call your friend when you are bored, sad, happy, or even when you are hungry. The more you talk with your best friend, the more the happiness. 

* Mean of Friend

 How many friends do you have on your facebook or kakaotalk? There is an interesting statistic. The average number of friends on kakaotalk is 65 while the average number of friends on facebook is 229. Are you close to this number? For kakaotalk, you and your friend know each other’s phone number. However, you don’t have to be acquainted with someone to be a ‘friend’ on facebook. That must be the reason why one has more friends on facebook than on kakaotalk. Then, there is another statistic that when one’s friends on facebook are less than 450, one is happy. However, when there are more, one is not really happy. Facebook friends less than 450 means that one is acquainted with most of them, while more than 450 means one barely knows most of them. It’s stressful to expose your privacy to people you don’t know. Hmmm...Let’s see. I have 500 and a bit more friends on kakaotalk and a bit more than 600 friends on facebook. Am I enjoying a happy SNS lifestyle? Hmmm…I’ll have to think again.

* Cyber friends vs. Reality friends

Well, I’ve been talking about friends made from smart phones and didn’t talk about the real friends. On SNS, you converse with people and share news minute by minute. However, there would probably be less than 10 friends whom you can actually meet, eat good food together, and play with. A few kakaotalk messages and comments on facebook or twitter don’t really get people any friendlier. Yes, you might not have enough time since you go to school, study, and go to extracurricular study. You also might be envious to see people befriended with all fellow students in school. However, I believe that having one or two ‘real’ friends is better, even if you are fed up with such statement. You don’t need all of your classmates to know your secret. You only need few friends who know all of your secrets and are out to help you. 

 There is a Hindu proverb that says ‘we all become the people we like.’ They are the people you spend most of your time with, so you ought to become like them. And you hang out with them because they have similar thought, preference for girl, favorite color and product, and taste for food.

Songs to listen with your friends.

▼ Shin sung Woo 'A thing that can be said friend'

▼ Girls' Generation 'Smile'

▼ Small Acacia Band 'Friend'


▼ Kim Dong Ryul 'We'

▼ Rainbow 'Cosmic Girl'

▼ 15& 'I Dream'

It’s good to have a lot of friends but it’s more important to have a friend with good taste and heart. If you hang out with bullies, one day you’ll have to be one. It’s horrendous to be bullied but being a bully is just as awful. Don’t you want friends who have good humor, who share happiness and struggle together, who have pleasant smiles and languages and who know how to dress without expensive clothes? Draw your ideal friend and become one. It might take a while, but then you’ll have friends who are similar to you.

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2011 Girls' Generation Tour

Artist : Girls' Generation

Genre : Pop / Dance

Release Date : April 11th 2013

Released by SM Entertainment

Live Album of the Recording for Second Solo Concert by Girls Generation in 2011

[2011 Girls’ Generation Tour], the live album of the recording for second solo concert by Girls’ Generation is released on the 11th. 

This album contains live recording of [2011 Girl’s Generation Tour] held at the Olympic Gymnastic Stadium in Seoul on July 23rd and 24th in 2011 that all the music fans wanting to feel how fantastic the concert was might enthusiastically respond. 

This album is in 2 CDs consisting of total 34 tracks including ‘Tell Me Your Wish,’ ‘Run Devil Run,’ ‘Hoot,’ ‘Gee,’ ‘Oh!,’ ‘Snowy Wish,’ ‘Fun & Fun,’ and also tracks including ‘The Great Escape’ and ‘Bad Girl’ in the 1st official album in Japan. The album vividly delivers enthusiastic performance and explosive live music by Girls’ Generation.   

Especially, ‘Let It Rain,’ a Japanese hit song released in Korean language at the concert by Girls’ Generation, and ‘Danny Boy,’ an Irish folk song harmonized with grandeur string sound and extraordinary voice by Taeyeon, Tiffany, Jessica, Sunny, and Seohyun are re-recorded as a studio version and specially added as a bonus track that Girls’ Generation represents their unique music color on them. 

On the other hand, Girls’ Generation is now successfully performing for Arena Tour in Japan. 

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