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[genie K-POP] News Vol.11 : 2013 is the Year for Ailee and also the Year of the Snake!


The best rookie in 2012

2012 is already last year. There are many ups and downs in the music industry in 2012. As for the best rookie singer, Ailee is one of the first names coming into mind that recently swept the rookie awards at various awards ceremonies. On top of that, 2013 is the year of the snake. It has always been told that a huge luck follows if his/her own zodiac sign matches with the year of zodiac. 


Ailee was born in the year of the snake. Much expectation is now with Ailee for the upcoming great performance this year as the best rookie singer in 2012. Now, let’s meet Ailee through interview. First of all, I asked her about rookie singer award that she won from various awards ceremonies. 


Ailee said, “To be honest, I did not expect it. High expectation sometimes leads to disappointment in case that I do not win the award. I was speechless and so happy with it. Rookie singer award is granted only once in the entire career. Once again, I did not expect to win the rookie award and was in gratitude for all the support from fans. This was how I made up my mind to work even harder.” 


I am about to talk about how the year 2013, the year of the snake, will go with Ailee.


Extraordinary Year of 2013

Ailee said with all bright smile and positive attitude, “2013 is the year of the snake. I was also born in the year of the snake. So, I have an expectation for 2013 to be different and extraordinary. I am now planning to perform with new album and concept. However, I do not have anything big scheduled. I am a type of person that sets up a big picture of the goal and takes step by step to achieve it (laugh). I was never happier last year from all the supports and love from fans that I did definitely not expect. I sincerely want you to root for and support me this year, too. I will work even harder.” 


I asked her what her wish would be if everything comes true as she wished. 


She said, “First of all, I want all my family members, my management company crews, that are my second family, and all my friends to stay healthy and have their lives filled with happiness. Secondly, I want to have a boy friend! Wow! (laugh). Lastly, I want ‘Somi’ to live and stay healthy with her brother ‘Kangi.” 


For your information, ‘Somi’ is a cute dog that Ailee keeps at home. This was the first time I got to know that Somi had a brother Kangi through this interview. Oh, prior to talking about how she wanted Somi to live healthy with Kangi, Ailee told us that she wanted a boy friend. To all male fans out there, I assume that you all are curious about her Mr. Right.

“My Mr. Right is a type of guy that has a sense of humor and stands a chance for seamless conversation. I was asked how I wanted to spend my Christmas Day this year. If I have a boy friend, I would love to spend special time with him that will be kept in my memory. In addition, I want to loiter around Myeong-dong or Insa-dong eating something delicious with friends, hanging out with them, and going to a quite cabin and lighting up candles to share some stories before going to bed (laugh)”. 

I have this feeling that Ailee might achieve all her wishes in this year of the snake, 2013. 

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Hello all, this is Mustachos. Today, I am getting emotional for no reason. 

Where and what are you all doing at this moment when you are reading this? It would be fabulous if you spend a night listening to the music with story shared by Mustachos, clearing head for a short break after studying until late night, or having a sleepless night. 

Dawn is always a time when you can enjoy loneliness with a little bit of fear all by yourself. You can either focus on the studying more than ever or get caught up with much thoughts losing control of what you are supposed to do. How do you deal with distracting thoughts? Just go to bed? Going to bed is a good idea, but Mustachos recommends having some time to clear your head and contemplate for a while. Softly put on earphone since you would not want to wake up other family members that are already in bed. You might find a moment when you can stay free from all the distracting thoughts that bother you after losing yourself in melody and lyrics. 

What is bothering you these days? What are thoughts that prevent you from thinking straight? Is it related to studying, friendship, school, or future? Oh, it may be a sincere hope to raise ‘Joongki Song’ from the movie ‘A Werewolf Boy.’

However, adults have been and are still telling the same story generation after generation. They are always telling that rising generation is not motivated to pursue dreams and does not exert an effort. I wonder if they had a strong yearning for chasing their dreams and made an effort when they were young. They might have in the past, but I have given it some thoughts here. We are living in a different world compared to the past leading our lives in different environment. Therefore, it becomes much more difficult to study well or to follow system perfectly. Furthermore, Internet is now an inevitable part connecting people in all over the world. Seen in this light, I might look as small and insignificant human being without extraordinary talent. Competition becomes formidable more than ever as thousands of jobs are being created.

At last, it is definitely not easy to lead our lives well in society and the world regardless of ages. It might be the same as making our own way in the world after overcoming obstacles in front of us. This might be the reason why we ask back to adults whether they would like to live as a rising generation instead every time they tell us that we are in a prime of life. 

Is it sometimes too tiring and difficult to live as a student? Boring and tiring, huh. In fact, they have lived little bit more than one tenth of the life span and are now going toward one fifth. 

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Variety Show

Artist : KK 

Genre : Pop Music / Rap / Hip-Hop 

Releasing date : February 08, 2013 

Released by : CJ E&M

After actively performing with ‘Stand by’ and ‘The Road to Break Up’ last year, KK released his first mini album [Variety Show]. KK is the one and only solo rapper making a debut last year. The album contains 8 tracks consisting of 4 songs that were released via online last year and another 4 new songs that he wrote, composed, and produced in person. The main track ‘Pain’ is a song that main vocal Jenny from Gavy NJ participated in. The song represents pain in heart from breakup with lover that everyone would experience in his/her life. Musicians such as MC Sniper and Outsider from hip-hop scene participated in the featuring of songs other than ‘Pain’ in the album. 


Artist : Huh Gak 

Genre : Pop Music / Ballad 

Releasing date : February 05, 2013 

Released by : CJ E&M

Huh Gak finally released the first regular album [LITTLE GIANT]. Huh Gak has been releasing single albums that were highly ranked on the music chart and heightened expectation on the regular album. In the regular album, Huh Gak covered various genres including jazz and soft rock as well as ‘typical Huh Gak ballad songs’ as his specialty. The main track is ‘1440’ produced by composer Gyusung Choi that made the greatest hits with ‘Hello’ and ‘A person who once loved me’ for ‘rookie singer Huh Gak.’ Acoustic-based arrangement added with cheerfulness and medium tempo and sweet lyrics are main points when enjoying the songs.


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