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Dalshabet has made the greatest comeback with the mini album ‘Have, Don’ have.’ They are such a unique girl group with prickly wit. Today, I interviewed with each of five Dalshabet members sharing a precious time with them. Let’s start!

Have glamorous body but not pore, Seri 

What is the attraction of Seri that every other members of Dalshabet see? As soon as I asked Seri’s attraction in terms of what she has and has not, all other members answered that Seri has glamorous and also the best body from Dalshabet. “Now you know it, right?” (Haha). Come to thick of it, Seri has been always confident on her body making a specific posture that shows off her superior body.

All other members were jealous of her. Then, what Seri does not have? “She does not have pore. Please see your pores. Seri’s got the perfect skin. This is not something that a human can have.” Seri was the perfect girl according to other members of Dalshabet. Then, what is the Mr. Right of Seri? I asked her an ideal type of a guy, and she answered, “I might be very much attracted to a guy who can play a piano and sing serenade.” To all the fans of Seri out there, you guys better start practicing how to play piano from now on.

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Hyori Lee once sang a song ‘Just 10 Minute.’ 10 minutes are all I need for making a person fall in love with me and also for waiting for hot coffee to be cold. Music can replace coffee during those 10 minutes. 

A hot cup of coffee that people look for when it is cold outside is a trend among the public serving as the best friend when they take a walk with it in a to-go cup. People are prone to find little happiness with warmth from a hot cup of coffee. However, you have to be careful when drinking it since you can burn your tongue. 

Waiting time for coffee to be cold

It has not been that long since café became one of the trends in our society for people to see at least a couple of coffee shops in one building nowadays. Indeed, there was a criticism on people preferring to drink a cup of coffee that was more expensive than a meal until recently. In addition, it was not until recently when we started seeing café more than restaurant or pub as the tree lined street at Sinsa-dong was created.

Coffee shop is now the biggest franchise business in the world and also regarded as the most familiar part of the culture to spend some time at café or enjoy a cup of coffee. Coffee shop serves as a common place for people to communicate with each other or for someone who needs some time alone on the work. There is a story on coffee as to how it was created in the past that people started boiling water to make coffee after watching animals being so actively involved in catching fruits on the coffee tree long time ago.

Hereupon, coffee is very addictive that some people drink it more than two or three cups a day. However, it is not harmful on the health, either. Moderate amount of coffee even supports metabolism. It is also a story that moms always tell children not to drink coffee to keep their brains as fresh as possible. However, it is not true. Children might not prefer coffee at that age sine it is somewhat bitter for them to drink. They might as well be curious on coffee that was regarded to be some kinds of ‘adult beverage.’ 

Islam culture has witnessed the development of coffee for the first time. Coffee is now one of the most popular drinks to be served in the morning for people in all over the world. It is a common scene to see people enjoying croissant and orange juice coffee for the breakfast in Europe. Starting a day with a cup of coffee, people enjoy spending some time with others with coffee. They even end the day with coffee, too. If served with a sweet cake, coffee balances off a greasy taste and gives the best appetite on the high calorie dessert. 


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4th album Part2

Artist : Bae Chi Gi

Genre : Pop/Rap/Hiphop

Release date : 2013.01.14

Publisher : Neowizinternet

Hip-hop duo “Baechigi” has released mini album [Fourth Album Part.2] of a hip-hop ballad genre. It contains total 5 tracks describing emotion they feel in every part of daily life. Different types of emotion including frustration from the gap in reality, hope, inconvenience, love, and farewell that a teenager might have felt are all dealt with in the album. On the other hand, several greatest vocal singers have participated in the featuring of the album enhancing the quality of melody. One of the best rookies in 2012, Ailee, has participated in the featuring of main track, ‘Tear Shower.’ In addition, “Hyuna Cho” from Urban Zakapa and “Hyemi Woo” from one of the top 4 members in Voice of Korea also have participated in the featuring of album. 


Pastel Color 

Artist : Pascol

Genre : Pop/Ballad

Release date : 2013.01.10

Publisher : KT music

Singer group, PASCOL, has released the first mini album [Pastel Color]. PASCOL is a singer group consisting of three girls named “J-Sun,” “Moonbin,” and “Yuna” that have already once released individual albums before. Each member is also well known for singer songwriter specializing in different genres of music and thus includes solo songs of each one in this album other than main tracks. The main track ‘Let's Eat Together Sometime’ is a song describing a shy person for not being able to ask someone they love out to a meal. All the songs including it in this album were produced by Canaan and Gray.

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