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[genie K-POP] News Vol.7 : Stories of GLAM, 2NE1 and more!


Trot+Euro-Pop+Hip-Hop Rhythme+Soul Technique=In front of Mirror

Glam is about to perform again with new song ‘In front of Mirror’ two months after releasing ‘I Like That’ on January. Glam has always been showing splendid and new performance that fans might be quite excited to see them again on the screen. Then, let’s take a closer look at the change of GLAM through interview.


It has not been long since the new song ‘In front of Mirror’ was released. How do members feel about it?

GLAM: We all expect how GLAM looks genuine on the screen and tries ‘see-through-look.’

Wow, looking genuine and ‘see-through-look’ sound so dramatic and exciting. Normally, there is a stereotype of a thought when thinking about trot music. Glittering clothe is a typical one. However, GLAM selected simple ‘see-through-look’ unlike when they performed ‘I Like That.’ This is quite new. I want to hear details of the story on the new song. 

GLAM: ‘In front of Mirror’ represents ‘GLAM Music’ incorporating trot and Euro pop along with hip-hop. We are more than ready show how hip-hop music is naturally incorporated with trot. It will be all natural but at the same time fabulous music. In addition, we want all the fans to meet us wearing ‘see-through-look’ for the spring without sticking to ‘black & gold’ style in the ‘I Like That.’


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2NE1 is now on the journey serving as a role model for girl groups in entertaining business in Korea. Performing as a girl with confidence in ‘I Don’t Care’ and ‘Go Away,’ they have been pursuing a strong personal image on the stage. There was no cuteness, sexy image, or group dance using swords, but audiences were attracted to 2NE1 watching how they freewheel on the stage. 

Pursuing something new on the performance, 2NE1 is now making a fresh change in the field of music and fashion and make audiences wait them to perform on the stage. Every moment of progress is now introduced for 2NE1 with timeline including how they inspired foreigner artists including Will.i.am from Black Eyed Peas and the globally renowned fashion designer Jeremy Scott. 

※ Photo provided by: Official website of YG Entertainment and personal webpage of Sandara Park 


4 years of preparation, the greatest birth of girl’s big bang

“We did not come up with a proper name of this group, but girl’s big bang might be an appropriate description.’ This is how YG Entertainment CEO, Hyunsuk Yang, specifically mentioned 2NE1 attracting an expectation from the public. Prior to making a debut, 2NE1 did not have an official group name, but every part of them including member recruiting, final decision of last member, and the determination of the team name was a topic of the day. Team name was not decided as 2NE1 until the day when the first official song ‘lollipop’ was released. 2NE1 specifically means a new evolution in the 21st century. 



Great popularity from the 1st mini album

‘Lollipop’ has swept over all the records in the music chart without appearing on the TV. The first mini album of 2NE1 had witnessed a preorder of 50 thousand sales. ‘Fire,’ ‘I Don’t Care,’ and ‘In the Club’ were all songs representing the greatest hit in the album. ‘I Don’t Care’ has recorded the highest sales beating ‘Big Bang,’ and their debut album was sold more than a hundred thousand. Recognized with performance skills, 2NE1 won ‘the best rookie award in Asia’ from the Asia Song Festival 2009. 

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Sometimes, it is hard to pour proper amount of water for cooking ramen or flipping egg fries for us, Mustachos. Cooking might be the most ambiguous thing that humankind has ever made. Every person has a different taste and prefers cooking method along with different evaluation. It is so difficult to see where to go and what to pursue. 

Cooking the Menace

Nowadays, people are suffering from obesity and adult disease. Seen in this light, people are prone to lose appetite in cooking. It is told to cut down eating for the healthy lifestyle and diet including the New Year and temporary fast. In addition, it is now available to eat cuisines from all over the world in Korea that people might not be earnest to eat a specific type of food. 

There are many stories around us for delivering a beneficial message to live healthy up to 100 years. It is also a known fact that eating raw ingredients is healthier than cooked food with fire. So, cooking is not a hot issue anymore among public. Well, it is good news to me who is so bad at cooking. 

However, it is also told that nothing is better for children to cook by themselves to develop senses. While cooking food, children naturally develop 5 senses and become smart. Well, it would be a good idea for me to taste food after making my younger brother cook.

Cuisines Unique to Each Country

Tasting cuisines from each country, we all can see how different countries are. In Korea where has distinct four seasons but no refrigerator, fermented groceries such as Gimchi and soybean paste have been served as a major food. 

As for Italian food that everyone loves to eat, sale, vinegar, oil, liquor, and honey have specifically been used to serve as a preservative. Pickle and jam that we frequently see are all examples of it. In Indo, various types of spice have served as a preservative along with an increase of appetite. Nowadays, people enjoy the benefit of technology with refrigerator and microwave to save food in a safe manner and serve fast food.

As for America, fast food has long been a trend since the past. Seen in this light, America ends up earning foreign currency with fast food chains conquering the food industry in all over the world. There is a joke that every country with McDonald chains is protected by America. 

Do you all know who the hottest cook in England is? It is Jamie Oliver. To be honest, England is not a country that is well known for cuisine. However, they have Jamie Oliver that makes the perfect cuisine with all the left over in refrigerator. Especially, Jamie Oliver is interested in social issues. Jamie Oliver has launched ‘Fifteen Restaurants’ to attract juvenile delinquents in all over the world. Jamie handed down the recipe to them and supported rehabilitation and employment with a help from experts in the field of emotion control. In fact, 15 juveniles were selected in this program opening and running fifteen restaurants. 

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Genre/Style: Pop music / Indie band 

Releasing date: March 20, 2013 

Released by: KT Music

“Cozy Cafe” has witnessed 5th year anniversary after performing as an indie band. “Cozy Cafe” has been steadily performing on the festival stage and making songs as a BGM for broadcasting service. This album consists of remake. “Ranimer,” the name of this album, means to revive or resurrect in French. Junghyeon Shin and Deulkukhwa have added another part of freshness into the album with unique arrangement. The song named ‘Pretty Woman’ has been reinterpreted as a unique track of Cozy Café representing outstanding solo performance of each instrument. 

Curriculum Vitae 

Artist : Irish Coffee 

Genre/Style : Pop music /All 

Releasing date: March 25, 2013

Released by: KT Music

An honest note on the farewell with lovers is well written on the “Curriculum Vitae” of Irish Coffee. Lines such as ‘I keep thinking about and missing you (from the song, ‘Just With U’), ‘Can’t take the past memory back anymore while I am lonely (from the song, ‘Love is’), and ‘I keep dreaming about ideal type of a woman, and you, my previous lover, does not match with me (from the song, ‘Sweet Dream and Vanilla Lattes’ and ‘Mars and Venus (feat. Ella)’ represent such a feature. Such songs are incorporated with a jazz feeling as if we drink Irish coffee with whiskey at the cock tail bar. All these songs were written and composed by Irish Coffee members.

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