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This hero is sharp looking with dandy style yoongun, who came back with his mini album 'Far east 2 Bricklane'. We have talked about traveling and his favorite places along with the process making this album. Then shall we meet yoongun, the musician with sense of freedom?


Where is Bricklane? 

The album's title is 'Far east 2 Bricklane', right?

To briefly explain about Bricklane, it was a place where foreign immigrants lived from 17century but now it has become a street where young Englishmen hang out. Since it is an area where many musician or artists live it is similar with Hongdae in our country. Especially on the weekend it is a popular touristy area for its flea market. "Bricklane is a place where people who have their own unique color irrelevant from the trend gather and also a place that has many similarities with myself." said yoongun. Like what he told, this mini album is rather a unique music not following the trend that has many similarities with Bricklane in England.


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Many idols are coming back these days. We are able to enjoy plentiful music. Out of them me Mustachos like the song of Boyfriend the most. Why do I like their song? I think their music is a bit different from other idols. I believe that the composer must have a strong basis about rock. The code performance and sound of the guitar is something to be noted for. I think this is the reason for the Boyfriend's music to have more of retro uniqueness than other dance music.

Do you enjoy band music?

End of last year the idol super band appeared in the pop festival. Members of idol group had part of theirs and formed a band. It was a new try to show about things that weren't able to be seen usually. How much of you guys know about the band music? 

Band music is mostly represented as rock. It was a music that represented the resistant culture in the 70 and 80s in the past. People rather escaped by listening to aerial psychedelic music being against war. They also criticized about the wrongdoing of the society and be into funk rock with broad resistant lyrics. In our country, there was a best time for the rock music as well. 

In order to see the live stage of ‘Bek doosan’, ‘Boohwal’, ‘Sinawee’, ‘Songgolme’, ‘Wein Budae’ we had to turn on the TV. And many people were gathered to see them perform as much as the idol these days. ‘Yim jae bum’, ‘Lee seung chul’, ‘Kim jong su’, ‘Cho yong phil’ all were vocals from band group. Recently we were able to see in our living room of the live indie groups perform through the TV program top band.

Are you maybe listening too much dance music only? If you are only aware of the songs that come on TV or radio it might be good idea to find music on your own from time to time.


Finding unique music to enjoy 

Music made of sounds of instruments played with hands not by the computer. This music have many unique ones that cannot be made by computer. It is natural that each person has their own characteristics when playing. For band music, three at the minimum to more than six people gathering and playing each part and all that playing gathers.

It has much higher possibility to show variety of music when playing as a band than when playing alone. For band it is rare to play as the same as their album. They change their ad-lib depending on the situation and the atmosphere of the spot.

Many modern bands have appeared with the year 2010. I am about to talk about them. First, it is not only ‘Psy’ who is in the billboard. There is a Korean band that has been listed proudly in K-POP chart. They are ‘THE KOXX’. They perform with the latest electro rock sound and is being acknowledged domestic and overseas. They are all from the same school and vocal from native of drummer, synthesizer from the native of guitarist and a guitarist who have been playing with three strings cut guitar from middle school and more which is a band showing genius. They have been well approved and have been giving songs to idols.

On the other hand, there is a team that was approved as a pop band when tock band were only recognized. They are daybreak. They came with the motto of joyful music when everyone was mad about masculine rock spirit. However other rock band could not ignore them. It was because of their performance skills. Fusion jazz, blues, rock and the team was formed with members who can play them all. Their playing relieved the listeners but was told to be painful for the players trying to copy their way because it was too difficult. It turned out that they had the experience as many as 15 years.

Recently they were a hot issue by being known to the crowds through top band. We also cannot miss out ‘Guckkasten’ who play the rock of real men. They transferred to a major entertainment after long going their indie period. Is it because of that? They are more being known to the crowd through I am a singer and other. They were noted as a band that succeeded the rock spirit properly even in their indie times. As the unique vocal ‘Ha hyunwoo’ as the center, they have been performing and even got the popularity award at end-of-year music awards. It has not been shown but it has been told that ‘Ha hyunwoo’ has a great sense of humor that can equal the voluble of comedians. I expect that someday we would be able to see him in entertainment.

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Love is remembered as hurtful

Artist: Cho won min

Genre: ballad

Released date: 2013.1.8

Publisher: KT music

‘Cho Won Min’, member of ‘Noksekjidae’, released his first mini album [Love is remembered as hurtful]. In the album the duet ‘At that time’ with ‘Park Sung Hwa’ of vocal duo ‘Yuri-Sangja’ and ‘First snow’, ’Love is remembered as hurtful’, ’Let’s hate and love’ that has been released as last single is included. Out of them ‘First snow’ was a song that has been issued as swimmer 'Park Taehwan'’s first music video. The title song ‘At that time’ has been composed and arranged by ‘Cho Won Min’. This is a song that ‘Cho Won Min’ made when thinking of his wife who has been in the hospital because of lung cancer. ‘Park Sung Hwa’, who has been close friend of ‘Cho Won Min’ for a long time, has took part in directing, chorus and session in this mini album.

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