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No. 1 Girl Group, Girls Generation comes back with their fourth official album I Got a Boy, released on Jan.1st, . Fans from all around the world are so excited to hear the news since they have been waiting for the new album so much! 


With the main title “I Got a Boy” and the pre-release “Dancing Queen”, the fourth album consists of ten stylish songs with variety of genres from dance, ballad, retro-pop, to swing jazz. Shortly after the new release, the girls have mesmerized all the fans of the world not to mention dominating Genie Chart at top!


The main track I Got a Boy is an electronic dance song with a mix of pop, retro and urban genre. The melody being so catchy and hook, whoever listens to the song even at once would find oneself sing the part of the melody repeatedly. The lyric seems so like Girls talkthat it makes the listeners feel like they are actually in the middle of chatting with the Girls. 


What it is so unique about the album is the fact that Sooyoung, Yuri, Seohyun of Girls Generation write the lyrics of the song “Baybe Maybe” with the UK singer-songwriter Pixie Lott’s composing, the song expresses the feelings of a girl in love, in line with its bright melody. Yuri and Seohyun also write the lyrics for the song XYZ, with a strong synth sound for the melody.  

Plus expressing the deep sad sorrow of parting song Lost in love duet with Tiffany of a splendid vocal tone and Taeyeon of a deep voice tone harmonized perfectly from each others colors. Pre-released song Dancing Queen, a remake of Duffys Mercy in a Grils Generations style also meets your great expectations. Another song from the Girls Generations Japanese 2nd album Boomerang has been translated into Korean Talk Talk and will present fancy attraction. 


If you are really in love with K-POP and truly a fan of Girls Generation, you dont want to miss out the following songs, too. A mid tempo ballad song Promise, various genre mixed retro pop song Express 999, Look at Me, systematic beat and playfully melody, chorus which is easy to follow, swing jazz style song Romantic St. which reminds of warm winter. I believe that these total 10 songs will fully attract K-POP fans. 


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At the Star Focus you can meet teaser video of 'I Got a Boy' in two different ways which they released before their comeback - Powerful dance video and drama version. And dont miss the attractive images of Girls Generation as well. Now! Download Genie K-POP and enjoy our contents!


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