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Are you a fan of K-POP? Have you been dying to listen to that one Girls Generation song that you couldnt get off of your mind? Well, not anymore.


Let me introduce you to Genie K-POP.



Genies a music download service from KT and Genie has now gone global. You might shake your head and say arent there a million other music download services already?



But Genies different. Genie is the only global music download service that caters specifically to K-POP fans. So, lets find out what makes Genie K-POP great for K-POP fans.


But the best thing about Genie is full track previews. With Genie, you can listen to any song in full for up to 3 times. No more one minute previews like the other music download services.

Also, in the Star Focus section of Genie, you can see the latest photos of your favorite K-POP stars. You can see photos of concerts, behind-the-scene photos, and more.

Last but not least, Genie has various video content directly from the biggest Korean music labels. The videos range from music video, interviews, and behind-the-scenes videos. If you want to see more personal and up-close videos of your favorite K-POP stars, look no further than Genie.

To use Genie, first download and install the "Genie K-POP" by clicking on the link below.


After installing and opening the Genie K-POP app, you will see a notification pop up which asks you whether you want to see the user guide or not. Press Confirm to see the user guide and press cancel to close the notification.


Check Do not show anymore in order to disable this notification permanently.

Disabling the notification will bring you to the main screen. You can start tapping away to listen to some songs, but you will be limited to one minute previews unless you log in.

To log in, press MORE on the bottom right of the screen.

You will see the screen in which you can login to Genie K-POP via Facebook or Twitter account. You can log in with Facebook or Twitter account to start the log in process.

Ill log in with Facebook. When youre at the Facebook log in screen, enter your email/phone number and enter your password to login.

After you log in, you will be prompted to install the Genie Facebook app. Press Install to continue.

After you log in, you will be prompted to install the Genie Facebook app. Press Install to continue.

Check that you have been logged in by looking at the top of the MORE screen.

If youre successfully logged in, you can now begin listening to your favorite songs. Lets return to the main screen by pressing HOME  bottom.

From the main screen, there are many ways to start playing some songs. At the top section of the main screen, there is the New Release section. Scroll left or right through the album covers and tap on any of them to get more information on the album. In the middle of the main screen, you can press on Chart to see the most popular K-POP songs, press Artist to see a list of K-POP artists. Let’s see what is the most popular song today by pressing on Chart.

The most popular song for today is I Got a Boy. Lets listen by pressing on I Got a Boy.

When you press on a song, a menu will pop up at the bottom of the screen. Press Play to immediately start playing a song, press Buy to purchase the song, press Share to talk about that song on Facebook or Twitter, and press Add to to add the song to the playlist.



If you wish to purchase a song check the price and press Buy to purchase the song.



By pressing Buy, you will be prompted to enter your credit card information. Genie K-POP supports VISA, MasterCard, JCB, and American Express. 


Check the item chosen (MP3/Video/Image/price )

Input the Credit information and touch Send

Do you wish to use ID Payment?
check box is for the purpose of  users to store ones Credit Card information and call in the payment information when they wish to buy  the items again.
If YES, check the small box and put your PW.


After entering in your credit card information, press Send to complete the purchase and download MP3 file of the song .


Countries where “genie" global service is available 

(Android application: “genie K-POP”)

genie K-POP will soon be available in more countries including : Belgium, Canada, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, South Africa, Thailand and Turkey.

>>'genie K-POP' App Download Click Here!! (For Android Users)<<

※ 'genie K-POP' is an application for users outside of Korea, it is now available in 48 countries above. 


Want to know more about 'genie K-POP' ☞

● Let's enjoy genie TV CF!

NEW genie TV CF 'teacher' episode

NEW genie TV CF 'confession' episode

If youre a K-POP fan, dont miss out on Genie K-POP. Discover new K-POP artists. Discover more about K-POP artists that you already love. Its all in Genie K-POP.

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